Life Experiences: How it Affects Reading & Reviews


Though the words may be black and white, our experiences shape the story we read and how we relate to all of it.  ~ Heather, White Hot Reads  

If you’re familiar with this blog, you know I started it because I love books.  Books have been part of my life since the second grade.  I distinctly remember how my love of books began… late nights, reading in my bed with the radio on and under the light of my Strawberry Shortcake lamp.  My dad would turn off my lamp and radio and move the book from my face or wherever it landed before he turned in for the night.  The only thing that has changed is that I now turn off my own lights and music. 

Recently I was discussing a book with a friend and I was adamant about why I didn’t like a character.  She was on the fence about how she felt, unlike me.  I quickly explained to her why I felt the way I did and she said she understood. 

That made me think.  When an author writes a book, they write it from their perspective.  They know the story inside and out because the characters speak to them and become part of their lives while they transcribe the story into written words. 

As readers, we consume those words. The very same words in black and white.  But, one thing is different.  Our experiences prior to reading the book. 

Our experiences color our world and shape us to become who we are.  When we are reading, those experiences affect how we connect with characters and the words on the page.  Just as I may love and adore a book, the same book may not be for you.  Your past may cause you to feel a myriad of emotions that don’t allow you to like, love or relate to the story. 

This happens. 
Authors understand.

Our lives are our own to share with the world how we see fit.  Authors do it through writing and readers do it through reading and reviewing.

Authors, I thank you for sharing your stories with me. 
Readers, I thank you for reading and sharing what you love. 
Reviewers, I thank you for your honesty.
Friends, I thank you for having these discussions with me.

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