What are your Laws of Life?

I recently attended an awards ceremony for middle school kids who had written essays titled “Laws of Life.”  The event is sponsored by the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and sixteen students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades were given awards for their essays.  To say that I was moved is an understatement.  There was a moment where I looked around my table and realized not one of us had dry eyes.  And I began to think about these children.  They are in middle school and they already have had so many experiences that are gut wrenching.  They’ve experienced things in life that so many of us never will. 


These are just some of the ‘laws of life’ that these students wrote about in their essays.  To hear the thoughts, confessions and experiences of these children touched my heart.  A special child in my life received an award that night.   One of his laws of life, was leadership.  His words spoke to my heart.  He understands at such a young age that doing what is right is more important that being popular.  And I couldn’t be prouder of him.  P, you melt my heart. 


Since the event, I’ve thought quite a bit about what my laws of life are. If you follow me on any social media or in my real life, you may have heard me say “he/she is a good human.”  This is an all-encompassing goal for me.  To be a good human.  In order to do this, I believe three of my laws of life are love, faith and kindness.  They are all part of what I think makes a good human.

Love:  In the last couple of years, I’ve learned that love comes in all shapes and forms and from so many places.  My search for love began when I began looking for a mate.  I made up my mind to open my heart to love and any way it would come.  By doing that I found that love was all around me.  I recognized that my interactions with others were more authentic and beautiful.  People want to love us, we just have to learn how to let them in.  I also learned that I must love myself first and foremost for all of these things to work well together. 


Faith:  Faith for me, doesn’t just mean a faith in God.  Though I do believe in God and I have faith that he has a plan for my life.  I also have faith that there are good people in this world.  That there are people who will not judge me based on my outward appearance but on my heart and soul.  I’ve worked extremely hard to remember that just as I want people to look at my heart, I must do that same. 




Kindness:  Kindness Matters.  You guys, it really does!  When we put kindness into the world, it comes back to us in so many ways.  I’ve been the recipient of much kindness in the last couple of years.  The kindness shown to me has made a difference in my mental, physical and emotional health.  Even something as simple as a smile while walking down the sidewalk can brighten another’s day.  Take a moment to think about when you’ve been the recipient of kindness and how it affected your life. 

Just as I was inspired by a young man, I hope you are inspired after reading this to think about your laws of life.  Whatever you decide, please share your love and kindness with others.  It makes a difference.