Response to Dose Of Your Own Medicine (via IABB)

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Happy Friday!  Or I was hoping it was when I woke up and then this.  This is what I woke up to when I opened Facebook.  Side note, this was BEFORE coffee. 

W.T.F.  <--- That’s all I can really say!  I am flat out angry about this.  I am willing to bet that many of my blogger friends would be angry too if they saw this, however I won’t call them out here. 

So instead of writing my normal Dear Author post, this is a shout out to those who feel the need to only find the negative and berate reviewers (and bloggers) who are doing them a favor by reading and REVIEWING their books!

Dear #DoseOfYourOwnMedicine Author

I don’t know you, and as of now, I’m glad I don’t know who you are.  If I do, please let me know so I can remove you from my review list moving forward.  Because I love reading and I do it because I enjoy it, however I don’t want to make an effort to spend time reading something, REVIEWING it and better yet – PROMOTING you, if you’re not the least little bit grateful. 

You feel me? 
I love authors!
I love books!
I love words!
I’ve talked about this in my former Dear Author ( post that I tend to share when the community gets down and feels chaotic. 

But guess what. 
Today, I don’t think that will help. 

Why you ask?
Because you’re not grateful, or kind and you just alienated all of the bloggers in this community with this post! 

Each reviewer (and blogger) rates and reviews books on their own scale. 

It could be based on how they feel reading the book, or the character development, or whether you got the description of the town (that they live in) correct. 

It could even be based on your editing and grammar. 
Don’t miss it – editing and grammar!
 YES!  You have, or should have, an editor. 
Shocking I know! 

Readers and reviewers (and bloggers) don’t have editors, did you know that?

They don’t get paid to read your books.
Sure, they may get an advanced copy, but more often than not, they give away your book from their own pocket and buy a copy for their own collection.
I’ve never made any money on my blog, every bit I make goes back into books and promoting the authors I love!

I may LOVE a book and only give it a 4 or even a 4.5 because ‘something’ is missing. 
For me, that’s usually a feeling. 
A feeling that I can’t put my finger on but that I know isn’t there. 
It’s the one says, ‘I love this book,’ but it’s not the best book of the year! 
Because not everyone writes the best book of the year. 
Check out the NYT Best Seller List – there can only be one each week which means there are only fifty-two each year.
I wonder if yours was one?

In closing, I hope I never find out who you are, or if I do, that I’ve never read or supported you.  Because it would break my heart that someone I thought so highly of would willingly treat others this way. 

And if you don’t want any more 4.5 Reviews, I’m certain I can find authors who would be happy with a review of that magnitude! 


PS: Pardon for my failure to understand the difference in periods and commas.  I only have a Bachelor’s degree!