Dear Bloggers... Thank You!

Thank you…

For sharing your love of the written work with us.
For shouting from the rooftops about the books that touched your heart,
Your soul,
Your body,
Your mind.

Thank you…

For taking time away from your families.
For spending hours scheduling posts on multiple social media sites.
For maintaining blog sites and pages.
For coordinating and communicating with promotions, publicity, marketing, and publishing companies.
For giving away gift cards, eBooks, ARCs, and paperbacks of the books that you love.
For giving of yourselves.

Thank you…

For accepting friend requests of authors, readers, other bloggers and the promotions community as a whole. 
For being you. 
For being part of the glue that makes the wheels of this world turn.
For even in sickness and in health making sure that your posts are up, even if a tad late. 

Thank you…

For fighting the good fight with the review sites. 
Even when we all want to scream and shout. 
For running groups, making graphics, and making sure authors have a safe place to share their books. 

Thank you…

For attending events.
Collecting swag, buying books, and sharing your stories of how much you love an author’s books with them – in person. 

Thank you for doing this of your own free will.  
With no pay requested or expected. 

Thank you for loving books so much that this is so much your passion it consumes you and you can’t imagine a day that you won’t do this.

I don’t think thank you is enough.  So, I’ll leave you with this…

Thank you for accepting me into your community and sharing the love.  I see it daily and I’m proud to be one of you. 

A Blogger.
A Book Blogger.
A Romance Book Blogger.
A Book Lover. 
A Bibilophile.  
A Lover of the Written Word. 


A Blogger & Reader

** This is the second piece in a series of blog posts related to the book community.  My first post is titled Dear Author:  I Know You and you can find it here:  Dear Author:  I Know You. **