Dear Author... I know you!

Dear Author, I know you…
You may be shocked by what I have to say, but please take a minute to read this whole blog post (before you get creeped out) :)

I know that...  

You may not have a photo of you on social media. 
You may not share the details of your life with us, your readers.
You may not believe that your readers know you, but we do.
I do.  

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I know that…

Bleed your heart and soul while writing your books.
You’re human.
You hurt when your characters hurt.
You hurt when your readers hurt.
Sometimes you laugh when your readers cry. 
You experience a myriad of emotions when your readers send you feedback about your words and how they impact each of their lives.
You may cry when readers forget that you’re human and say mean or evil things to you.
Or when you get a nasty review.
I know that you have feelings.
Just like I do. 

I know that… 

With each character you write you leave a piece of yourself behind.
The worlds you create will forever hold a special place in your heart.
The time spent away from your family and friends is spent bleeding it out onto the pages… for yourself and your readers.
You hope that your words will touch your readers in a personal way.
Even though you’re at home, you’re doing so much more than everyone thinks.  

I know that…

You’ve changed my life.
You’ve given me hope when I was scared.
You provided me an escape when I needed it. 
You allowed me to travel when I was poor.
You allowed me to experiences things, places, and love I never dreamed I would have.
You showed me love. Acceptance. Encouragement.
You made me laugh, wheeze, and snort. 
I’ve worked hard to figure out whodunit.  And sometimes I’ve been right… and wrong.

I know that…

Book Boyfriends. 
And so many more!

I know that…

You helped me find a community where I fit in.
Where we laugh and cry together.
This is a place where we celebrate each other.
I’ve made friends all over the world because of your words.
I’ve visited new places because of you.
Your books bring so many together.
I would be sad if you let the negative nelly’s get to you.
You rock.
You are amazing.
Your words change lives.

I know that… I’m thankful for you. 
And I bet others are too! 
So thank you for being you. 

A Reader You’ve Impacted