Letters to Bri: Your Senior Year of High School

Dear Bri –


Congrats on starting your senior year of high school!  I want you to know that you have become a beautiful, smart and kind young woman. Please thank your parents for sharing you with me; I’m so grateful to be part of your life. 

This is going to be the most exciting year of your life – so far. 
There is homecoming and prom to look forward to. 
You’re going to decide where to go to college.
You’re going to study hard for your tests and play just as hard. 

Football season will mean watching your dad coach for the last time. 
It will mean Thursday night football watching your brother grow as a player. 
You’ll play tennis because you love it and not just because you have to. 

All of these things are part of growing up. 
It’s what naturally happens. 

I won’t ever forget when you were about two years old and we took you to the circus.  Let’s just say you were less than thrilled with this outing, even though you loved ‘aminals’.  I won’t forget shopping with you and Jonathan and our lesson on budgets and wedgies.  I won’t forget the tears when I moved to NY and then to Chicago, or the laughter and tears of happiness when I came back to Texas.  I have so many memories with you and I am extremely thankful for those.
You are my Bri, and though you aren’t my daughter, I couldn’t love you more or be prouder of you. 

You may never see these letters since you’re not on Facebook because ‘it’s for old people’ as you say.  But, that’s okay.  I’m still going to write them… ALL YEAR! 

Happy first week of your senior year! 

Enjoy it all!  Love you! 


** This first letter was going planned to be published the first week of school and then Hurrricane Harvey hit Houston.  
Better late than never, eh? **