Dear Body Shamer...


Dear Body Shamer - 

To the model who shamed someone on social media.  I’m sad for you.  I’m sad that you chose to use your platform to make fun of someone who is in the gym trying to better themselves.  I’m sorry that when you were called out by other members of this community that you tried to say it was a joke.  Because body shaming someone is NEVER a joke.  So let’s talk about some things… 

Tall. Short. Slim. Overweight. Sick. Healthy. Happy. Sad. Lover. Laugher. Introvert. Extrovert.  HUMAN.  No matter what we look like on the outside or the problems we have in our lives or have had, we are all HUMAN.  

Each morning I take a look in the mirror and wonder what happened to me.  How I got to this point in my life.  I’m not the happiest with the outside of my self.  I’ve been thinner.  I’ve been healthier.  I’ve been physically happier with myself as have most of us.  

But you know what, today, I know that I’m an amazing HUMAN on the inside.  

I’m a… 

Lover. A giver. A kind and thoughtful person.  I consider others often times way before myself.  I love to learn.  I’m silly.  I’m happy most of the time.  And you know what I’ve recently learned… my body, though not at it’s peak, has brought me through to here.  It’s covered in scars.  Those scars mean I’ve survived.  

You don’t know me.  You don’t know that I’ve been ill most of my life.  You don’t know that I’ve had six major surgeries in in the last eighteen years that have caused me shame and heartbrokenness.  You don’t know that I worked to lose an insane amount of weight and keep it off to then have another surgery which caused more problems and broke my spirit yet again.  You don’t know that this year I had an unplanned hysterectomy that not only screwed with my hormones but with my heart and soul.  You don’t know that I look in the mirror every day and wonder if I’m worth anything.  You don’t know me.  

But I know you through your words and actions.  I know that I stood up for you when others didn’t.  I know that I couldn’t imagine that the things people said about you were true because you portrayed yourself to be a better person.  I know that I’m saddened that this isn’t the first time that you’ve made fun of people and shamed them in a public forum.  I know that I can no longer support you because of your actions.  

Social media may be a place where we each feel that we can share our thoughts and feelings just as I am doing now.  But the moment we share we are not free from the consequences.  And I am proud to say that if I lose friends over this post, then that is fine with me.  Because I don’t want those type of people in my life.  

Body Shaming is NEVER okay!  


~ Heather White