Dear Author: Thank You!

Dear Authors –

The holidays are upon us and I wanted to take a minute to chat with you all.  First, let me say THANK YOU for your words. 

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Thank you for… the stories that pour out of your hearts and souls. 
the stories that cause you anguish and grief, yet need to be told. 
the stories that keep you up at night begging to be let out. 
the stories that become books and keep us company. 
the stories that touch our hearts and souls.
the stories that help us through hard times and make us laugh. 

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I won’t ever forget the sacrifices that are made daily so that you can spend time with the characters to put out a good product for us --- the readers.  Because whether we are bloggers, editors, graphic designers or PR companies we all have one thing in common – we are readers first. 

In the last couple months, I’ve learned more and more about the “Business of Books” (another post coming on that soon), but I want you to know that on the heels of the Goodreads change to the Giveaway Policy, my fellow bloggers and I want you to know that we support you. 

We’ve read your books.
Fallen in love with your words.
Your characters.
Cried with you (and your characters).
Shared your teasers and covers.
Your sales and promotions.
Not because we have to, but because we WANT to. 
We call you friends to our families because you are.
Your part of the world of reading that allows us adventure, escapism, love and so much more. 

Don’t forget that when we band together – authors, bloggers, readers and more – we can help each other in the old fashioned, grass roots way.  The way that bloggers have been doing from day one and will continue to do because very simply – we love the written word.  

So many of the authors we love, so many of the books we adore were shared grass roots.  Reader to reader. Blogger to blogger.  Small business needs to adapt and find a way to keep moving forward.  The market will always change and in today’s digital age companies will continue to try to find a way to turn promo into revenue.  Yes, bloggers have also been affected by this whether it be in the past changes to Facebook or to Amazon. But many of us are still here, still share the books we love and the authors we adore. ~ Denise, Shh. Mom’s Reading ®

When I see books like Defiant Queen by Meghan March hit the NYT Best Seller and USA Today Best Seller list and American King by Sierra Simone hit the USA Today Best Seller list, I know that the grass roots efforts of readers and bloggers make a difference.  These are two books that I am so fortunate to have been able to read and fall in love with.  They are bold and daring and each reader who read them, experienced something so powerful that they told someone else “you need to read this book.”  You see, readers have power and we can use it for amazing things.

So, when things look dark and the world throws one more stumbling block in your way, don’t forget about us who will continue to support you just as we have before.  Don’t be afraid to reach out, make connections and chat with us.  We’re probably more scared of you than you are of us (hello – fan girls :)). 

Signed – A true lover of words!

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