Do you love Fall? Check out our October-Fest Fun Challenge



Do you love fall?  
I DO!! 
I love everything about it.  
Fresh Air. 
Crisp leaves.
Crock Pot Meals.
Yep, pretty much everything. 

So when thinking about how much I missed living in New York, a fellow blogger and I decided to come up with a Fall Challenge for October.  We want to see what Fall means to YOU!  

For each day, post a photo of each topic on the square.  I chose not to number them for each day of the month because that gives me anxiety. Don't laugh.  I don't want to fail and I'd feel like if I missed one day I wouldn't be able to catch up or 'complete' the task.  So we have 31 days of tasks, just like there are 31 days in October, but it's up to you when you post what topic.  

If you want to go in order, that's fine. 
If you want to jump around, like you're jumping in a pile of leaves, that's fine too. 
If you want to do a scavenger hunt for all the items, that works also.  
Just do you.  
But we want to see all your photos. 

Don't forget to tag @whitehotreads and @heanovelthoughts so we can see what you've come up with!  

Thanks for playing!  

~ Heather and Joy