White Hot Reads: April Top Reads

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Heather and Lana's Top Read

Iron Princess by Meghan March


Heather's 5 Star Review ~ Good Reads Review Link


Meghan March has outdone herself with Iron Princess! It’s the perfect combination of dark and dangerous, with an undercurrent of love, loyalty and family! 

Now to the real stuff...

What just happened? Such a killer cliff I was just pushed off of. Enter the most epic book hangover ever! 

This series is everything you guys! Every.Thing!! 

Layers of insanity. 
Did I say SEXY? 
White HOT! 

Iron Princess is the epic follow up to Savage Prince and a Top Read for 2018! 

Lana's 5 Iron Stars Review ~ Good Reads Review Link

OMG!!! What did I just read!!!! This book is full of desire, loyalty, lust, danger and questions. Of course you learn more about Temperance and her mystery man but the ending is not what I was expecting and has left me with a huge cliffhanger and hangover.

Once again Meghan can surely blow you out of the water with her writing. I've said before but this series will be on my Top Reads for 2018!!!!

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Kelise's Top Read 

CO-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken


Kelsie's 5 Star Review of Co-Ed - Good Reads Review Link

I loved Knox and Shawn's story. The push and pull between the two characters was white hot and the other employees of Wingman's Inc. took the story to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed the playful banter between the roommates. It reminded me of the Eagle Elite series, also written by Rachel Van Dyken. I would highly recommend this enjoyable college romance with a twist to anyone looking for a good weekend read. 

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Ashley's Top Pick

Savor You by Kristen Proby

A delicious story to end the Fusion Series Ashley @ White Hot Reads

The second chance love story of Mia and Camden is the perfect ending to the Fusion Series.  Mia has always been the workaholic of the owners of the Seduction restaurant.  When Camden walks back into Mia’s life the sparks fly and the relationship that was never defined has time to blossom.  Two workaholics that help each other to see that there is more to life than cooking when you can find you, true love.  Working through the hurdles to make their bond strong and their love grows to be the happily ever after they both deserve.

The Epilogue gives closure to what has happened to everyone in the series as it comes to an end.

I love all of Kristen Proby’s books and can not wait to see what her next series brings.

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Elizabeth's Top Read

Daddy Issues by Seth King

Elizabeth's 5 Star Review - Goodreads Link

Daddy Issues was my first story from Seth King... I had heard about this author and really wanted to dive into one of his books. 

Daddy Issues was a book that I could not put down.. and I literally finished in the wee hours of the morning. Daddy Issues is a M/M romance that will wreck you and then repair your heart for a heart stopping ending. Seth King will take you on an amazing journey of discovery, love, heartache, and devotion. 

I'm adding everything that Mr. King has written to my TBR and will not miss another release.

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Misty's Top Read

Six Feet Under by Whitney Barbetti

Misty's 5 Star Review - Good Reads Review Link

"Here's my heart Whitney. Totally obliterated but it's yours." ~Misty, White Hot Reads

I've been waiting for this book for awhile. Forever it seems. Now I get why it took so long. It took me over a week to get through this as a reader, I can't even fathom what Whitney endured putting this story to paper and then out into the world for people to judge. This is a book that doesn't just stay in your heart but it claws its way into your soul with no intention of letting go. 

"He looked at me like I was human, even as my blood stained his fingers like he'd caused this himself." 

I don't highlight in books often but I couldn't stop myself in this book. There are plenty more words highlighted that I know I will go back to over and over again. There really is no way to describe Whitney's writing short of writing useless words like beautiful, poetic, fantastic, well you get the picture. Those words come nowhere close to describing the words in the pages, nor are they worthy of being used. 

This book is heavy. It's real. It's gritty. And it's ugly. It took me a week with a break in between for another book to finish this. My mind and heart had to process this story at a pace that hasn't happened in a long time. But even with all that I don't think I have read such a beautiful book and the anticipation of the next book may be the death of me.           AMAZON US

The growth Mira makes in this book is astounding. It was heartbreaking to be on this journey. I won't sugarcoat it. Her struggles break your heart but they also give you hope when you see how she gets back up to fight for a new day. A new beginning. 

"Every beginning has an end." 

I can only hope that end has some happiness to it.