WHR Team Review & Release Blitz ~ Three is a War by Pam Godwin


Review by Heather

An exceptional ending to a trilogy that has captivated me heart and soul from book one! ~ Heather, White Hot Reads

I spent a lot of time reading the definition of love after I read Three is a War, because I wasn’t sure how to describe how to explain my feelings, other than I had so many of them. 













I decided early on who I wanted Danni to be with in the end as I’m sure most people did.  And I came to the distinct realization that though we all read the same words in black and white on the page, the story is colored by our life and our experiences.  This means my feelings for the man of her dreams, in my mind, was based on my life, my experiences, my desires, wants and needs.  I wish this wasn’t true, but I can’t help but think it is.  

My feelings are strong and I can’t imagine being in Danni’s shoes.  This description of her is what I dream to be - remarkable!  

“You’re an emotion, a passion. You run deep and wild, rise with the storm, and adjust with the wind.  No matter what direction life takes you, you endure with remarkable strength.” 

I’m grateful that Pam Godwin stayed true to her characters throughout each story.  They never wavered and I never questioned if any of them would make the decisions they did.  That is the mark of an exceptional story, especially one of this type.  Where the outside forces from readers can be intense.  

Lana's 5 Star Review - Good Reads Review Link

Three is a War is the sexy, explosive, jaw dropping conclusion to the Danni, Trace and Cole's love triangle saga.- Lana- White Hot Reads

This book evoked so many emotions that I've ever had while reading. I felt love, hurt, lies, war, tension , frustration, confusion and pure bliss. You think you know one thing, then bam, it's something totally different then you get ping ponged back to something else. Pam can surely write a love triangle like no other.

This whole series is a must read!!!!

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Elizabeth's 5 Stars of Tangled Love Review - GoodReads Review

Three is War stars off where Two is a Lie ends... Danni is forced by the two men that she loves to make a decision. After weeks of the three of them living together she makes it... but it costs her a deep part of herself one that she cannot ignore. Three is a Lie is Sexy, Tantalizing, Titillating, Dark, Unbreakable Love, and Crushing Decisions. There is healing in love because love isn't a choice.

Favorite Trace lines (because I'm Team Trace):
"You look at me and see one of two choices. I look at you and see absoluteness. But we have time. Someday, we'll look beyond the question marks and just see us."

"I'm patient, Danni. When you choose me, I want the realization clawing at your insides without coercion or doubt of the pressure of time. I want your heart to beat for me and only me, not because I command it, but because we are meant to be."

Misty's Three is a War Review - Good Reads Link

Well, hmmm. I have been sitting on this review for a few days now and I still am not sure I could give this book or series justice. What an ending to a crazy ride!! This series had so many ups and downs I found myself dizzy at times. And after finishing I understood why Pam said she never knew the ending until it came to her. Perfecto!

This book had my heart in my stomach for probably 85% of it. It ended just like I needed it to for my heart to be okay. Am I Team Cole? Or am I Team Trace? I won't tell you that but I can tell you I am that crazy girl who keeps saying she is Team Angel. That girl is my spirit animal and I don't think I have had so much fun reading about a supporting character before. She gave just the right amount of humor in such a tumultuous book.

This book and series is about so much more than just love. Or drama. It's about deciding if your first love is truly your last love. It's about realizing how strong one can be and to watch Danni bloom in this book was a beautiful thing and probably one of my favorite things. Pam Godwin is a master with her words in this series and if you read it and say it didn't have you wanting to throw your kindle or book at least once, I am calling you a liar. I bow to you Pam and cannot wait to see what's next.