Review & Release Blitz ~ The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones

Misty's 5 Star Review

Just when I thought we would get answers a hundred more questions are brought up. We get a few things answered, well I think, from the first book but it seems like Amo just wants us to question her sanity really. The games. The lies. The truths. The secrets. I don't even know where to begin. I was kept on the edge the entire time reading this book. It's crazy to think someone's brain can actually come up with something like this.

Madison is still confused but I enjoyed seeing her finally standing up for herself in this book. She is done playing the nice girl and starting taking things into her own hands. Not an easy feat when your every move is watched so closely but somehow she gets away with a few things and secrets are revealed that leave her reeling.

The Kings are still hot. Still ruthless. Still playing games. Did I mention still hot? We learn a few new things about some of them and when I thought I might hate some of them I came to respect and understand them. Madison's world isn't the only one rocked in this book. The Kings are just as surprised by some revelations as Madison is.

So where will Amo take us in the next book? I don't even think she knows at this point so I am going to try and wait patiently for the answers I so desperately need.      Misty's GR Link

Lana's 5 Stars - Good Reads Link

This book explains a lot of the questions that you have about The Kings but also brings up a whole new set of questions.

Everyone is still screwed up but you understand them more as more information is revealed. Alot of bombs were dropped and you're like WTF  just happened. I can't wait for the last book to come out because I need the answers. Amo can create the perfect love hate relationship ever. 

Madison and Bishop are meant to be together, Nate you just feel for and you finally get to understand why Brantley hates Madison so much.


“I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.”

The Silver Swan

1. A girl who is tarnished. Tainted. One who does not fit into the confinement of legend.

The Silver Swan

2. Madison Montgomery.

I was lied to.
I was cheated.
Resigning to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts, I left. After finally cutting the strings of manipulation, I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child, something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle.
I’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knew.
Lies and deceit change you. They alter your entire outlook on life.
I’m Madison Montgomery, and I want to play a game.
Here’s what happens when I win.

Riddle me this, Mads.
What goes bump in the night,
but is something you can’t see with sight?
You may run, and you may hide.
Our happily ever after will be like Bonnie & Clyde.

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Author Bio

Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar. 

She loves to write like how she lives, hanging on the edge of insanity with a wine glass in one hand and her morals-or lack thereof- in the other.

Those are not my monkeys, I swear....
Oh those hellhounds? Yeah, those are mine.

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