Review & Release Blitz ~ Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson

Broken Dreams reminds us that no matter the time or place, love shows up when we need it most, and maybe in an unexpected way. ~ Heather, White Hot Reads


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5 Star Review by Heather

Seriously you guys! Ahhhhhh! Callie Anderson is my go to author when I need to feel. And by feel I mean each and every word... deep in my soul! This is true yet again in Broken Dreams. 

"But what I felt for him was an all‑consuming, pure and innocent first love. The kind you never forget. The kind of love you store in a locked box, making sure you throw away the key and then toss into the deepest end of the ocean. It’s a love that haunts you. It’s what you compare everything too."  <----- THIS!! 

Flipping he-l-l Callie! This stole my breath away! 

Ethan and Leslie are childhood best friends and I fell in love with them from the beginning because what they had was simple and pure. Their vulnerability shined through and I felt a pull towards them. Young Leslie, made me want to be a better woman. 

If you are a feeler and love to experience that through the words on the page, down to your deepest core, grab Broken Dreams. You'll get everything you need and more!



Callie Anderson is a wife, mother and writer, who embraces the truth, then weaves it into a magical tale of romance and heartache.


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