Top 2017 Reads: Cliffhangers of the Year

Welcome to our Top Reads 2017 - Cliffhanger of the Year post.  When we first started chatting about what our top reads were, there was one HUGE thing in common --- CLIFFHANGERS!!! I (Heather) am #TEAMLOVE for cliffhangers.  Now, I know that others don't and there are a variety of reasons why.  And we're all entitled to our own opinions.  However, here are a couple of my reasons... 

1.  I get more of a world that I already love.  If a book is well written and I fall in love with it, then it's always too short.  

2.  A 700 page book is waaaaayyy to long for me but three books of 400 or so pages are just right! 

3.  Who doesn't love a lot of angst, mystery and drama in their books?  Oh you?  Well, then I wouldn't recommend what I read honey because those are all my thing!  

Now, while we're talking about this... I can't wait to share with you our TOP CLIFFY's of the YEAR!!!  

We've decided not to spoil any of the books by telling you why they were our favorites but just know that each of these series had EPIC cliffy's that left us reeling for more! 

Happy Reading! 

Heather, Elizabeth, Lana, Misty and Tasha