10 Stars for Intertwined by Sasha Brummer & Exclusive Excerpt Release Blitz

Welcome to #Blended. Where Whiskey, Men and more will keep you #Intertwined in the lives of the characters and turning pages at a rapid rate to find out what happens next!!
— Heather @ White Hot Reads

10 Star Read! Hands Down! 

Review by Elizabeth

Sasha Brummer has the talent to drop you into her words and feel every bit of her characters within the first two chapters… 

Liam and Isla are two best friends that hook up, but they both mean so much more to each other than wants to share or admit, even to themselves. For these two, they both have the same darkness inside and become the light for each other in a beautiful way. Sasha keeps you guessing and on your toes in this redemption story that you do not want to put down. 

Review by Heather

Intertwined is… everything. It’s full of heart, emotion, love, and all the feels. This book stole my heart and to never return it. I don’t know that I’ll ever be the same. Anyone who’s ever read any of my reviews, knows that books that make me feel are my favorites. This one did more than that… it consumed me heart and soul.

In the book there may be the most stunning woman ever. Her name is Isla Madden. But readers, I’m going to spoil this for you. LIAM is mine. Not Isla’s… MINE!

Liam Jensen is my husband. I’ve claimed him. For better or worse. I fell in love with him from the start.

There is something so endearing about his realness. About his brokenness. About his willingness to live, love and change.

Intertwined is more than just whiskey and women. It’s the type of story that will keep you turning the pages at a rapid rate to find out what happens next!

And if you don’t love Whiskey, you will after this!



Amplified emotional highs have been my downfall. I’ve lost parts of myself to the dark corners of my heart because of the damage others have inflicted.

Whiskey might be able to ease the burn of one’s soul, but this time it might not be enough to survive. Instead of letting me wither in the cracks of my desiccated soul, he pushes me to appreciate the scars, instead of avoiding the bruises.

I’ve had more than my share of sanctioned hell, and I am through living in a limbo between who I should be and who I am. I won’t allow myself to become a casualty of my own mind again.

I am no longer carrying the obscurities of my life around with me when he chooses to stand and fight beside me.

With him, I finally see what it means to be living.

**This novel contains mature themes, strong language, violent circumstances, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers. 

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Exclusive Excerpt: 

The next time I wake up, I have Isla’s naked body wrapped around mine, and the room smells of her and the sweet, unforgiving scent of sex. It’s a heady sensation that I’d like to get used to waking up to. I groan when I shift on the mattress: the muscles that I haven’t used in a long while ache just below the surface of my skin.

Fuck, this little vixen likes to play.

“Shh,” comes from the sexiest set of lips that I’ve ever used before I get up and make my way into her bathroom, and they inspire my next move.

I open more drawers than one would assume might be filled up in the bathroom before I find what I’m looking for.

I walk back to the bed, hard as fucking stone, and sit down beside her.


“Go away,” she mumbles and pulls a pillow over her head.

“I have a favor to ask.”

“Does it involve your woody?”

“You know that it does.”

She pushes the pillow off of her face and glances down at my lap where my cock is straining against its own skin, and then to my hand that’s holding her favorite tube of red lipstick.

“Sit up.”

She does as she’s told as I uncap the lipstick and hold it out for her.

“What’s this for?”

“I like the stains that you leave behind after you suck on me.”

“Oh? This is news...sort of,” she says with a giggle.

“If you don’t get on your goddamn knees in front of me in the next thirty seconds, I’ll take matters into my own hands and fuck that pretty little mouth of yours until it’s raw.”

That gets her to react.

She frantically shoves the comforter off of her and takes the lipstick from my hand, applying it effortlessly over the surface of her lips. Fuck me running. Her cherry-red lips make me want to do more than just watch her suck me off right now.

She leans over to place the tube of lipstick on her nightstand and then sits back against her headboard and stares me down.

“Is that a dare?”

“Take it as you will, Jensen.”

The deep rumble that leaves my chest surprises even me and causes her to jump as I launch myself at her and hold her body against the headboard.

Her lips part as her breathing becomes labored with a need for me. I grab hold of her jaw, and she opens wider for me, inviting me inside of her warmth. I manage to keep her in place as I stand up and position myself at her now-closed lips.


She complies and I push the length of myself between her sex-red lips. She puckers them around my shaft as she swallows me whole. I pull out slowly, and she tongues me when she gets a drop of my pre-cum, red stains marking my skin already.

I slide back into her as she hollows out her cheeks. I grab hold of her ink-black hair as she shields her teeth and I start to fuck her pretty mouth.

Her tongue slides along the bottom of my shaft as I repeatedly pull out and shove back in. I feel the heavy pinch at the small of my back as my release works its way through my body. She must feel my shaft thicken and the skin tighten around me because her hands move to my chest as she starts sucking on me harder.

“Fuck, doll, you’re gorgeous.”

She hums against me and the vibrations fuck me over. I start to pour myself down her throat as I slide against her. She drags her nails down my chest, leaving stinging lines all the way down as I surrender myself to a desire laced in agony.

“Jesus,” I spit out as she swallows me completely before I pull back and out of her mouth. She gives me a little show by keeping her lips around my crown awhile longer and sucking on me before I pop out from her lips.

My chest is heaving from the sheer pleasure, and I glance down at her before me. Her lipstick is smeared, and the majority of it paints my cock. I fucking thrive on this shit.

“Well?” she asks innocently as if she did not just ask me to fuck her mouth and enjoy it at the same time.


“Good,” she replies and slinks away from me, walking her bare ass into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.


A self-published author by night and all around busybody by day, Sasha is an international baby, born in gorgeous South Africa. Her cultured lifestyle is one that many don’t get to experience. When she’s not preoccupied with reading romance novels, she’s hashing out new ways to translate a titillating and libidinous scene onto a page. 


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