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I just realized I haven't written anything in a while and I'm feeling the need to pour my heart out again.  So here goes...

I'm a reader at heart.  It's one of my first loves.  I turn to books in my darkest times and in the best times.  The characters become my friends, the adventures are mine and I'm able to experience things that I've only dreamed of.  I'm not alone in this.  Many readers are like this.  It's why we read.  To escape the every day hum drum and to keep our minds active.

Being involved in the industry a bit more now, I've experienced how outside forces impact a writer's muse.  Negativity can block the creative process and wreak havoc on their kind, introverted, loving souls.  But love, light and energy feeds their creativity and provides us, the readers, with more stories to read and characters to love.

Even though the world is filled with chaos, and negativity this past weekend I experienced something that I needed more than I could say.  Recharging time with my books sisters.  I visited Orlando for Shameless Book Con and had an amazing experience.  I met new to me authors, hugged on and absorbed the love from authors, readers, assistants and more during my time there.  They fed my creative energy also.  This weekend helped me remember why I love books and the creative space around them.

Not long after, I read a post (actually a couple) about authors who've been hurt by recent events in the industry.  This broke my heart.  Because I've experienced so many good things in this world.  But I  know, there are cruel people out there, only looking out for themselves and that's a shame.

I found myself wanting to chat with them and help them but that's not always what they author needs.  Sometimes they need to step back from social media, publishing and marketing.  They need to find a way to reconnect with what they love --- words.  Telling stories that make them happy.

Being an author is so much more than just writing.  It's connecting, covers, marketing, chatting with fans and more.  It's a constant battle of maintaining a presence with the readers and maintaining a personal life.  It's a 24/7 job that doesn't stop because they want a shower or a nap.  It's a reader emailing to say how the author changed their life.  Or sometimes some not so kind words.

So to all of you amazing authors out there, please remember that your words...  your words change lives.  They help people.  Man of you've helped me and don't even know it.  But remember, whether you decide to step back from publishing or marketing you're always a writer.

Because you write.

I was inspired by a sixteen year old girl who recently asked me if I'd ever write an inspirational book.  I haven't considered it.  But I did ask her why.  Her response changed me...  She said "because you inspire me every day."

You guys!  I don't have children so my friends and family lend me theirs to love on and hug on and to hear this made my heart soar.

Write from your soul.  Bleed it out on the pages.  That's what I do with the goal of helping one person with each post.