Review: Breaking Him by RK Lilley

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BH Review Photo.png

“Love will make your life worthwhile.  It’s the most powerful force on earth.  Let it rule you and you won’t be sorry.”

My head is jumbled and my heart is pounding.  Honestly I have no idea how I feel about Breaking Him.  Scarlett and Dante’s story is full of feels and angst.  It’s set my heart on fire and aflutter.  I feel the need to scream and shout.

Love is complex. It’s not simple. Scarlett and Dante are a true testament to that.  They love with such a force that they are a part of each other’s souls.  They are the missing link to the other when they are apart.  These things are apparent when reading their story.  What I can’t figure out is the missing pieces.  That is going to be okay.  That’s the evolution of the story.

The ending is a cliffhanger.  There isn’t any way around this.  When I got to this point, my heart stopped and I couldn’t breath.  I needed Breaking Her like I needed my next breath.  Thankfully I’m reading this at a time where I could purchase it on Amazon so quickly.

RK Lilley writes Scarlett and Dante’s story with an eloquence and passion that you don’t often see.  Broken characters and souls are real life.  They are you and I staring back at ourselves in the mirror.  They are our past, present and future colliding.

Also, some part of me had a really big problem with openly seeking out something that might bring me joy.  Like, with all the things I’d done that were actually sins, looking for a bit of happiness in my life was the real transgression.  

This statement is so profound.  I read it.  Highlighted it.  Read it again.  Sent it to a friend.  And read again.  If you’ve ever struggled with openly seeking joy in your life, especially after a tragic event where you blamed yourself, you can appreciate this.  I can identify with this so much.  This is just one instance where my heart skipped a beat.

If you want to feel every emotion under the sun, some easily recognizable and some not, pick up Breaking Him today.  It’s worth every feel and more!

5 Complex Stars!

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breaking him teaser.png