What direction is your life going?

BLOG Direction
BLOG Direction

Finding my way when driving isn’t usually a problem for me.  I’m kind of like a man in that, and it’s a good thing. I’ve lived in four states, driven cross country countless times, usually alone, and without a GPS or phone. I don’t worry. I take a map, Google my route beforehand and just…go!

I remember when I was a kid about eleven, giving my grandpa directions around town while running errands.  Everyone around us was skeptical. Would I be able to direct us to the places we needed to go? We had two landmarks, my dad’s business and home.  But every eleven year old knows where Wal-Mart is when that’s the only place other than the market to shop in a small town. We had great success and if memory serves me correct, even got an ice cream from Dairy Queen before heading home.

Now my mom, she may get lost in that same small town if they had to divert traffic. And that’s okay.  I love her still, though she will probably kill me when reading this! She may not have a great sense of driving direction but she has an amazing sense of direction when it comes to caring for others and understanding my needs. She’s creative and giving and I don’t remember her ever taking a class on how to be that way. It’s an innate direction for her. She’s my mother of course.

From what I can tell, it’s not normal to be comfortable driving around with no map or “directions” for where you are headed.  But as I was driving to visit a friend the other day, it dawned on me, that in my world driving is instinctual.  It’s what I do when I need to think. I turn up the radio and dance in my seat. If the weather is nice, you’ll find the windows rolled down drowning out my bad attempt at singing.

My instincts lead me on the path I’m supposed to go. For example, I knew that I could drive from NY to Chicago on I-90 and not have to get off. I also knew that I could drive from Houston to NY, in the winter, via I-10 and I-95 and it would be the safest route. It also had the most shopping along the way. I didn’t know what to do when I got to each of those locations, but I made it through many states with the radio blasting, the wind in my hair and my thoughts flowing.

Direction is an integral part of our lives.  From the literal point, driving down the road, to the direction in which we take our lives. We are impacted from various people, places, things and experiences. The past year has taught me so much about this. Being open to the people in your life can influence the direction your life goes in a multitude of ways. When we allow the positive energy to flow through us, we are more apt to move in a positive way. We then breathe the positivity into our everyday lives and share that with others. The daily struggle of finding the magic becomes easier. Especially when we are faced with the negativity and naysayers of this world. Opening ourselves to so many blessings that come our way becomes a blessing in itself.

The past year reading has provided me with direction, in an indirect way. When times are tough and I need an escape, I turn to reading. I’m always provided with an adventure through words, travel and more. But recently I’m reminded of a class I almost flunked in high school. I tried to take an accelerated English class because I already had a love of reading and we were going to be doing quite a bit of that. I found that about six weeks in, when my teacher asked me to find the “underlying meaning” and I was embarrassed in front of the whole class because, well, the words on the page were literal to me, that I wasn’t ready.

This memory has been in the forefront of my mind recently because as I’ve been reading, I’ve been getting so much more out of the words on the pages than just a grand adventure or a love story. The words are speaking to me. They are providing a direction to my life that if I wasn’t open to accepting, I wouldn’t see, hear or feel. At sixteen, I wasn’t able to appreciate this and now, only twenty years later do I finally understand. Things happen for a reason, at a time and a place where we are open to receive them.

I’m on a journey that even I don’t understand. God has a path for my life and I’ve stopped trying to figure it out. I have hopes and dreams. A desire for adventure, love, and a quest to just live my life to the fullest. My journey and life will be different that yours. My journey is part literal direction and part figurative. The one thing I know is it’s full of hope and love. It’s friends and family. It’s giggles and smiles. It’s copious amounts of coffee and cupcakes. It’s books and words on a page that speak to my soul. It’s sunshine and rain. It’s flowers and falling leaves. It’s so much more than I could ever dream.

Have you thought about the direction your life is headed?  I hope wherever you go the journey is amazing.

Be Brave.  Do Scary Things.  Trust the Journey!

~ hrw