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blog why

I’ve been asked why I love reading. As I pondered the answer to this question, it initially seemed so simple. I can’t remember a time I didn’t love to read. From Mrs. Windham’s second grade class, to hiding under the covers with the music playing and the lamp on, to hiding books under my bed in college to now, reading has been an integral part of my life. So I’ll ask you, why do you read?

Some people use reading like television, as a means to escape. For me it’s so much more than that. Reading allows me to travel to far off destinations when my bank account is low, to experience different personality types in characters, to find hope in situations I can relate to and most of all remember to dream. Because without our dreams, what do we have?

I recently read a book about the messages that life provides us. The book was so extremely powerful, I found myself rethinking so much of my life. In the past couple weeks, I felt the need to cut out the excess. The excess things, clothes, shoes, space, and more. There are so many things that I don’t need. They aren’t necessary to my every day happiness or an efficient way to live.

The words in this book haunted me. I have so much in my physical, everyday life. My life is fruitful in possessions, love from family and friends and more. Then upon further reflection, I find myself feeling like I don’t nurture the things I should. My relationships. Part of that is my need to be independent and not rely on others but part of that is that as a single person surrounded by couples, married individuals and married couples with children, it’s a wild jungle to navigate.

I struggle with finding the balance between asking for help and becoming a burden on those who already have families and responsibilities themselves. When your life is a constant evolution of geographical locations, depending on yourself is paramount. Finding friends in those places is wonderful and a bonus and makes life so much more enjoyable but casting burdens on those isn’t what I choose to do.

I’m a people person. I love people, developing friendships and being an essential part of their lives. I’ll do anything to help my friends, at any time, but I don’t often ask for help. This is the giver in me.

So when I read this book about the messages that life provides to us, I wonder how many of us have missed the messages. A recent health scare has taught me that no matter the outcome, I’m going to follow my dreams. It may be a slow and steady trek to the finish, but I’m going to do it. The how and the what it takes to get there will be determined as I go, but following through is important to me.

No. Matter. What.

I’ve lived in big cities, in small towns, near the mountains and in the country. There is something said to be able to find the balance that we strive for. A market close by and internet makes life easier. The closeness to nature heals my soul. The sounds of the highway and city noise feeds the stress in my life. Is there a balance?

Reading this book, is a message in itself. Be open to the messages of life. They come in many shapes and forms. Life can change in an instant. Be happy and proud of the life you’ve lived. Don’t live a life full of regrets.

So when someone asks me why I read, this is just one amazing experience I’ve had when reading.

This. Is. Why. I. Read.

What is your why?