Damn Donuts


The other day I had a hissy fit, like a five year old, in the market, over a donut. A donut. True story.

To explain, let me take you back to 2010. Prior to October 11, 2010, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. On that very day, the doctor informed me that he was positive gluten was poison to my system and he thought I had Celiac Disease. Instead of panicking, I ate one more sandwich and then cleaned out my pantry of all items that contained any sign of gluten.  Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye.*  Upon further review, I had approximately five items left to work with.  Next up, shopping.

A quick google search revealed a restaurant and market called Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free, in Latham, NY.  Was this real?  A completely gluten free place?  It was!  This unicorn existed and was the first step to the rest of my life. I can say this with a huge smile on my face because Sherry Lynn’s was a place of refuge for my weary mind, body and soul, education for my new path and the beginning of lifelong friends that span the US. Sherry also fed me donuts and cupcakes. This my friends, even without the other things, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Donuts. Cupcakes. Cookies. Cheesecake brownies.

All of these things are wonderfully made with love and all gluten free ingredients by Sherry!! Did I mention donuts?

For a newly diagnosed Celiac who also had other food issues at the time, Sherry and her staff (and Ginny) were my lifeline to moving forward in a happy, healthy and positive way. I wasn’t to be defeated. Learning to eat differently, have confidence that the decisions made are the right ones regarding my food and my health were scary, but liberating.  Each time I didn’t get sick, I became more powerful regarding my own health.  After a couple of years of education, support and friendship, I felt confident enough to travel more and take a step toward moving.

Chicago was next on the journey of “Where’s Heather?” and other than the standard food challenges, I craved one of Sherry’s donuts. I anticipated fighting the donut craving would be a monumental challenge but I was persistent. There was nothing like a Sherry Lynn’s donut you see, but my search paid off.  I was thrilled to find that DoRite Donuts had some insanely delicious Cinnamon Sugar gluten free ones. It was like eating a hot cake donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar. It wasn’t melt in your mouth hot, but DoRite satisfied my cravings while residing in Chicago.

Recently I moved to Houston. In the thriving metropolis that this city is, spread both far and wide, I never dreamed the search for a gluten free donut would be the cause of an adult melt down. The kind where you swear under your breath because hours of research gave you bad information.

To discover after said hours or research that identified the only store that carries gluten free donuts in 15 miles (and in Houston traffic that is far enough) doesn’t actually carry what the website says, I had a hissy fit. I managed to keep my sniffles to a minimum while the poor guy just stared as if he had never seen a girl in capri jeans, blinged out flip flops and a messy bun cry over donuts. Well, it happened. To me. Inside said store. A store, I’m sure I won’t ever return to because of my embarrassing behavior.

I’ve been here since November and I’ve been craving a donut since I arrived in town. Sherry Lynn’s donuts aren’t available since I’m in Texas and they are in NY and neither are DoRite’s again, I’m in Houston, they’re in Chicago. But I won’t stop my search. I don’t anticipate any more tears, but there are no guarantees.

It’s all about comfort foods. While I wallow in my grief over the search for gluten free donuts, I’ll take comfort in Gigi’s Gluten Free Cupcakes. Gigi’s gets me. I know at least they love and support my habit for treats!