My home is...

My home is…Fresh air and sunshine Laughter and tears Support and hugs Snow covered mountains Trees with new buds Leaves falling Baby tulip buds Lakes and beaches Friends Words of encouragement And so much more…

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Blog My Home is .png

My home isn’t just a place with four walls and a roof.  It’s experiences, the love and support of my friends and family.  It’s the places I’ve traveled to and seen that have left a lifelong imprint on my heart.  Whether it’s a peaceful view of the ocean in a small Irish town or the exhausted joy of walking into the lake after finishing my first half marathon, or watching the trees bud and change colors outside of my office window, these are the parts of my life that make up what I call home.

For years I’ve traveled for my job and often times found myself saying “I’m headed home,” when really I was going to whatever hotel I was sleeping in that night.  And in reality, that hotel, for that night was my home.  Because wherever I was, safe and snuggled down, with my hopes and dreams and my memories of my friends and family, I was home.

While chatting with a friend recently about the struggles of moving cross country twice in eighteen months, starting a new job and attempting to figure out what I really wanted out of life, she was very wise to say to me, “Doll face, your tribe is your home.”  After a few minutes, I realized she was right.

For the first time I realized when I felt most at home was when I owned my small townhouse in NY, thousands of miles away from everyone.  But the most interesting part of that journey was the house was mine.  Even better was when my tribe came to me, they were with me 100%.  We explored, visited, vegetated, and were focused on spending time with each other.  It may have only been once a year but the time was real, honest and all about us.  We never took our time for granted.

Now as I sit here watching the squirrel play outside the window, I wonder, will I find that place here?  Or is it okay to take off again for parts unknown, to explore the feeling of wanderlust that has taken root deep within me?

Through my journey, I’ve found that home isn’t just four walls and a roof, it’s so much more…