Drink Me Away

My girlfriends and I agreed a very long time ago — Never be cheap and easy on the same night!  Truth, I’m always predictable when it comes to what I want to do drink.  Most of them can order for me and I’ll be happy. Strawberry Margarita - check Dark & Stormy - check Hard Cider (dry) - check Tequila Shots - check, check

I’m never going to be a beer drinker.  I’m just not that girl.  But if we go out, I’m likely to be found with either or all of those things at some point in my hand.  I love them all, equally it just depends on the type of night.

Margarita’s are just every day life.  Fun.  Forgetting.  Fabulousness!  Just add strawberry and I’ll be happy!

Dark and Stormy’s are just bar fun.  When I’m in a new place and trying to do something different, but yet still me, I’ll go for a D&S.  They are complex and fun.  Kind of like me.  Just start peeling off the layers.

Cider is one of my favorites.  There’s a great bar in Chicago called Jake Melnicks “Jake’s” and they always have a dozen or so different ciders on tap and in cans to try.  I fell in love with the Totally Roasted from Vander Mill.  They are a Michigan company that distributes to Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  This is a reason to go back to Chicago.  Just not when it’s cold.

Tequila shots help a girl to forget.  And yes, sometimes her clothes have been known to fall off, but interestingly enough… I’m not sure there has been a M.A.N. around on those nights!

Are you a drinker?  What’s your libation of choice?  Don’t worry, there is always a bottle or two of wine for when company comes over.

Drink Me Away.png

Drink Me Away.png