The Blonde Button

“The Blonde Button”

Driving home the other night my new car started screaming at me.  128 kph.  WTF!  First of all I live in The United States of Texas, so KPH is foreign to me.  So when these huge numbers start flashing on the dash I was quite concerned.  I wasn’t concerned enough to slow down mind you, but I was concerned enough to shout out when the navigation system (aka Mission Control) started ringing, I yelled to the caller, “holy shit, I pushed the “Blonde Button” again.”

So you ask, what is the “Blonde Button?”  It’s the moment when you realize you’re absolutely an oaf, silly girl, or whatever you’d like to call it.  I mean who on earth doesn’t know what buttons on their steering wheel make the dash board start flashing and lighting up while driving down the interstate at speeds unknown.  This girl.  But then again, she also lives on cupcakes, wine and tacos.  So there is that.

It was the same week (yep, I know) that I left my Kindle in a hotel.  Upon this realization, my heart stopped and my stomach dropped.  I was crawling around the back of this same car opening each suitcase, bag and dumping out my purse for the little pink case.  But it wasn’t there.  Either aliens had snatched it from me or I’d yet again pressed the “Blonde Button” and lost  it on my trip.

So before panicking anymore, I ordered Pei Wei and then called the hotel.  Thank the lord for Fed Ex and a honest housekeeper.  My pink princess Kindle is on her way home.  I”ll return to my regularly scheduled ARC reading momentarily.

Instead of calling myself an idiot or other not so nice names, I just push my blonde button.  BAM!! Have you had any recent “Blonde Button” moments you’d like to share with us?

Blonde Button EDIT.png

Blonde Button EDIT.png