Grand Adventure...

Blog Photo for Adventures

It's time I let you know that White Hot Reads is changing.  We are going on a Grand Adventure!  This adventure will include a variety of things.  We are no longer going to be doing reviews, maintaining a Facebook page and posting daily or participating in blog tours.

This isn't because we don't want to, but because as a team of 2 who both work full time and travel for these fabulous jobs, we are not able to keep up with both the demands of running a blog (the way we would like) and actually read.

Twitter, which is new for us, has transformed into my semi-personal account and I will be making a transition as time goes with it!  I'm still a Twitter Twat as my friend calls me and I'm proud of it!  I have quite a few other projects going and you will see me around in other places I promise!

Thank you for supporting White Hot Reads, the small blog, in a world full of wonderful blogs, authors, and others who love books!

I'm grateful for all of our time together!  On to the next piece of the Grand Adventure called LIFE!! :)

~ Heather