My Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey (by E.L. James) the Movie

Happy Sunday to All!  I have debated writing this but after a variety of comments posted all over the web, including those showing up from family and friends in my Facebook feed I decided to share some thoughts this morning. (** Please Note:  These are MY thoughts!  You don't have to agree, but I will delete any comments that are bullying or shaming!)



This weekend some girlfriends and I spent our afternoon with a sold out theatre watching Christian and Ana come to life on the big screen.  Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James was probably one of the most talked about books/movies of early 2015!  My girlfriends who attended the movie with me had not read the book, and one of them had no real idea of the premise of the what we would be watching other than hearing it called "mommy porn".  So we settled in with our drinks, snacks and tossed our coats, hats, scarves and what-nots to the sides, reclined in our seats and enjoyed the 2 hours and 4 minutes (according to Fandango) of Fifty!

If you read the book, there are differences - but for most of us who are avid readers the book is usually better than the movie.  Reading is so much of our minds taking the words from the page and using our imagination to create the place, scene, feelings and bring all of it to life.  We all picture the characters a bit different.  Hence the major discussions regarding "Who would make the best Christian..." or even Ana.

Before the movie, I was not a fan of Jamie Dornan.  I really didn't know much about him.  After seeing the movie, other than wishing he was a bit taller, I didn't have any real complaints.  He had the "face" down, and I felt like he did a great job bringing he character to life.

I really liked Dakota Johnson as Ana.  The fact that she is fairly unknown, and new-ish to the industry was helpful to her role.  For me I wasn't constantly picturing her as someone else in another movie.  She played the innocent part very well and her body is stunning.

So let's go there.  This book is about sex.  Yep, I said it!  S.E.X.  Whether you have read it, read a blog post about it, an article on a web page or just talked to someone who has or has not read it.  You have heard about it.  So guess what?  Thank you to E.L. James.  Thank you for writing about something that others may have written about but were to scared to attempt to get published or self-publish.  (We are not going to debate the editing or writing style in this post.)  Someone told me once, to be a writer you must write.  I love this person with my whole heart, because that same person never told me, a writer has to be published.  They just said "a writer writes".

So, thank you to E.L. James for taking a chance and writing Christian and Ana and sharing them with the world.  They are flawed characters, just like we are.   They have doubts, fears, histories, and more.  Overall the movie was great.  It was entertaining, fast paced and fun.  I can't wait for the other two movies.

If you choose not to read this style of book, I won't judge you.  That is quite alright with me.  But don't judge me either.  This isn't all I read.  I have read thrillers, biographies, mysteries, romance, comedies and more not only in the last year but in my life!  Reading fuels my soul, mind and my quest for knowledge.