Author Spotlight: Pawnie Santana Bio


Pawnie will be taking over White Hot Reads at 7pm today!


I'm a 34 yr. old wife and mom, currently residing in Houston, Texas. I'm obsessed with my dog. I love her like she's my own child... no really, I do. I love coffee no matter how hot it is outside, and I'm slightly OCD (self-diagnosed). I like to bake... more so for others than myself.

I love country music and would rather stay at home and cuddle with my dog, watching mindless t.v. than go out... anywhere.

I just wrote my first novel, that went LIVE on November 7th, 2014. I LOVE to read. It started of as a hobby and quickly turned into an obsession. I like the occasional murder mystery type of books but I keep going back for the naughty stuff. It's addictive and c'mon... who doesn't love a good potty mouthed Alpha Male?

I always got random ideas of how I'd write a novel if I ever put pen to paper, but never actually thought I'd do it. One day, with lots of encouragement from friends, I decided why the hell not? And so the madness began... I started to pen down all the crazy ideas I had running through my head.

Once I sat down, it all just kind of spilled itself into a story I really fell in love with. That's how Bare With Me came to be. I wanted to write about strong characters with a touch of suspense rolled into one. I hope you love it as much as I do!