Author Spotlight: Pawnie Santana

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Bare With Me book 1 in the Bare It All Series Synopsis:

With a past that haunted her, the last thing Peyton Somers ever expected was to fall for a handsome, charming man. She wanted to live her life happily alone, dedicating her time to a career she loved with a passion. Peyton had everything she could ever need... amazing friends, loving parents and the control over her life she worked damn hard to get. But what do you do when fate steps in and makes other plans for you?

He's a successful COO of a family owned commercial development company. Liam Powers has every advantage in life growing up in a privileged and influential family. He has access to all the women he could ever want, unlimited funds and endless freedom. He can do, say and be whoever he wanted... until the day he met a woman he simply couldn't forget. A stranger who captured his attention, consuming him with the need to know more.

A woman like that never comes without a story. What he didn't anticipate, was how much of her story was never told.

When reality goes head to head with fate... Who will come out the winner?