Top 10 Fav's of 2014... in no particular order from White Hot Reads!

thankful-booksWhen you read over 200 books in one year (yes and 2014 is not over yet!) at some point determining what are your most memorable books of the year has the potential to be a daunting task… But not for me!  This year there are quite a few books that have really just stuck with me!  I promise to share with you my favorites of 2014 in no particular order, because, that would be daunting!  - Heather 


A Beautiful Mess Series by T.K. Leigh

Alexander and Olivia are two of my favorite characters this year.  I am in love with Alexander.  He is strong and powerful and he loves Olivia  with his whole heart!  He takes care of her even when she doesn’t it.  The setting of this story is Boston, and I love Boston!  There is something about a Boston accent and the atmosphere of the city that I fell in love with!  Maybe that is why I love Mr. Burnham and Olivia so much!  If you are looking for a White Hot read, with an amazing setting and love story, pick it up now!! You will thank me!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Ok, let me start by saying I am a single woman.  I don’t claim to know how men think.  This was NOT an easy read for me (at least the first portion of the book).  What I will say, is I love the twist and turns and the unpredictability of the story.  I was not a fan of the “mans POV” mostly because if men really think like this, how do they ever get anything accomplished?!?!  In my mind, there is nothing like an amazing psychological thriller written well!  Oh and the ending… WOW!

Body (Trinity Trilogy Book 1) by Audrey Carlan

This book feels very personal to me.  Gillian “Gigi” Callahan is a strong woman who met Chase Davis.  Gigi’s past makes is hard for her to trust men.  This book resonated with me on so many levels.  First of all, Chase is my Superman!  Sorry Gigi, he’s mine! :)  Gigi, has an amazing group of friends who are there for her.  She is a strong woman who doesn’t even realize how strong she is.  Chase is an amazing and powerful man who chooses Gigi.  From the White Hot sex, to the whitty banter between friends and more… This is an amazing book that you will love, just as I have!!

Sweet Addiction & Sweet Possession by J. Daniels

Reese Carroll!  Now, really, why would I even choose between these two books!  They are both equally amazing!  In Sweet Addiction you meet Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks.  No one ever dreams that a Wedding Hookup will amount to anything more, right?!?  Except, it does…  Dylan bakes cupcakes and sweet treats and Reese, well Reese, is a CPA.  Don’t forget Joey, Dylan’s gay BFF!  These books tell the story of what happens after the wedding hookup.  Including much fun with frosting, many laughs, smokin’ hot sex and more!  Join the party and maybe Dylan will bake a tasty treat for your next get together!  :)

Little Black Book by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea

Best Opening Line Ever!!  I can’t say this enough!! “Wilma and Betty f#ck like porn stars.”  Yep, best opening line ever!  I had no idea what I was getting into.  Sebastian is one hot guy! He knows what he wants and goes after it! This time it is Roz! There are two rules in Sebastian’s life:  Don’t every deny him and DO NOT fall in love.  What happens, when the rules change in the middle of the game?  I could not put this book down!  This book made me feel dirty in an oh, so good kind of way!  The kind of dirty where you just want more and more!  I could not stop reading but yet, didn’t want it to end!

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

This is a book that I read before I started the blog so you won’t find it on there.  But what I remember most about it, was about a month after I read it, I had surgery and a friend was visiting and I gave her my Kindle and said, read this.  We talked about this book afterwards and she had a totally different reaction to it than I did.  First let me say, she is married with children, and I am not.  My reaction to this book was, you never really know what goes on in someone else’s life, even those that you live with daily.  Her reaction was, if she was a distrusting person, she might wonder what her husband was doing. She is not distrustful at all, but it was really an interesting concept…

Precarious (Jokers’ Wrath MC Club) by Bella Jewel

This was my first MC club book that I had ever read… I resisted the urge to jump on the band wagon until I found one I thought I would really love!  Thank goodness I waited!  I really love Bella’s writing and then you bring Krypt and Ash and I was hooked!  What an amazing story.  Sexy, strong, alpha men on motorcycles who love their women!  Hot Damn!  Now that is just fabulous!!

Covert (Chicago Angels #1) by G.K. Moore

Welcome to Chicago, my new home!  I could not wait to read this book!  Thank you Gina for allowing me to read and review this book!  I love Alessandro and Olivia. The history of these two and the dynamics of their relationship is epic.

“I fell in love with his soul, not his face.” – Olivia

This is “one” of my favorite lines in this book.  Though there are so many parts of this book, that speak to me.  Learning to live again, after tragedy of the heart, is one of the most difficult things one can do, and both Alessandro and Olivia are learning how to do this!

 Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown

This is not a real romance/erotic type book.  But I am going to include it anyways.  This was an amazing book about a small town and the extremes one family will go to when one of their own does something horrible.  When Jade is attacked by members of a prominent family, the cover up begins.  She leaves town, but never forgets.  After she achieves success, she returns to town…  This is a story of overcoming your past and being stronger once you do!

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

There are no words for this one.  The only thing, I will say, is Read.  This.  BOOK!  It is not what you think!  It is White Hot!  White Hot sex.  Hot Men.  Brainy Men.  Hunky Men.  A woman who does good.

Ok, just read it!  I will be reading it again!

Now that I have narrowed down my list of over 200+ reads YTD in 2014, I have to say, this is one of the most difficult things I have done for the blog!  I mean, I fall in love so often, I may never fall in love in real life!  A man will have to work real hard to compete with the Chase’s, Reese’s, Brant’s, Alexander’s, Sebastian’s, Jessie’s and Damian’s in this world.  But that is ok, I can just read them again  :)



Guest Blogger Lindsay B. shared her fav’s for 2014 with WHR also… and in no particular order we have:






Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

This was a truly unique story. I loved it from beginning to end. There was something magical about this book and Mia did a superb job.

The Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg

Rylee and Colton have explosive chemistry starting from book one.  Throughout this trilogy you see growth from both characters and the undeniable attraction they both have.  Kristy has a way with words and Colton Donovan is just plain yummy!

Away and Stay by B.A.Wolfe

Greenlight!!! Away broke my heart!! This was one story that made me ugly cry and not many can do that!! A story that has stuck with me for months!! Stay is the conclusion and it thankfully put the pieces of my heart back together!

Can I just say anything written by Lauren Blakely? I mean, really, I love her stuff!! She is so talented!! I love her! But if you don't know her, I'll tell you that you can't go wrong with her Seductive Nights series - seriously Clay is a dirty talking lawyer! Her No Regrets series is also amazing!

Same goes for S.E. Hall!! All of her books, Emerge, Embrace, Entice, Pretty Instinct!! Her writing speaks to me! Her books are an automatic one-click, they are that good!! I know I won't be disappointed!! She also co-writes with other authors like Angela Graham, she is also another favorite of mine. You just can't go wrong with anything you pick up!! Not only are the guys swoonworthy, her female characters are equally awesome!!

 Love Required by Melanie Codina

Ok. So I love Melanie Codina too. Her writing is beautiful and I love all of her characters. Her scenes may not rank high on the steamy side but her books are sweet, romantic, and just perfect!! #Superbitch!

Real/Mine by Katy Evans

Remington Tate - enough said, right?? I have a soft spot for Remy.

Sweet Addiction/Sweet Possession by J. Daniels

 Reece. If he isn't the most swoonworthy accountant, I don't know who is. J. Daniels came out of nowhere this year and quickly became one of my favorite authors!!

 Body (Trinity Trilogy, Book 1) by Audrey Carlan

 Chase Davis. This book grabs you from the first page and doesn't let you go!! Chase is alpha, loving and all mine!!! (Sorry Heather!!) I love him!! Audrey is so talented and she is all around one of the sweetest people!!!

Knight by Kristin Ashley

I just discovered Kristin Ashley this year and I've become a huge fan of hers. I love her writing style. Knight captured my heart. I think he is just perfect. My only hang up once his nickname but I've chosen to overlook that!!

This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas

My ultimate book boyfriend is Jesse Ward from This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I love him. There is something about him that drew me in and no one else has been able to claim that special number one place!!

It was seriously a phenomenal year for book boyfriends!!  It was so hard to compile this list, and I can only imagine as we enter 2015 how much harder it is going to get! I can't wait!  - Lindsay B. 

1000 lives

Anita shared some of her fav's with us also.  What a difficult thing this is for all of us to choose to share with you!  In no particular order...

Reapers Stand by  Joanna Wylde

Picnic and London are a force to be reckoned with.  Picnic is a Reapers MC president and London is a business owner cleaning for the club.  London fights the attraction to Picnic wanting to concentrate on raising her cousin.  Life is never that easy and now London finds herself in a life or death situation.  This book is a ride worth taking!!

Body (Trinity Trilogy) by Audrey Carlan

Gigi and Chase are a dynamic pairing. The attraction is instant and molten.  Audrey has an extraordinary talent for writing a character.  They burst into life and your imagination has no problem visualizing the duo. They must struggle through troubled pasts and lingering demons to be together and Audrey brilliantly guides you through.  This is the first book in the Trinity Trilogy and I am hooked. I cannot wait for the next.!

I Belong to You by Lisa Renee Jones

I love the Inside Out Series by LRJ and this book did not disappoint.   I Belong to You is a wrap to Marks story.  Mark struggles with the loss of Rebecca and with his beloved mother's illness.   Control has always been a priority but it seems to be slipping from his grasp.  Mark is starting to realize that Chrystal maybe what he really needs. The pair has tried to stay from each other but fate has other plans. Lisa Renee Jones rings the bell on the hot o meter with this book.

Wanted by  J. Kenner

Angie knows she shouldn't want Evan.  Evan knows he can't have Angie.  John, Angies uncle wouldn't approve.  But  he is gone now and Angie wants what she wants.  Convincing Evan will not be easy and takes Angie into a world that she doesnt see coming. Ms. Kenner twists a tangled Web for Angie and Evan and the end result is an amazing journey.  This is a must read for J. Kenner fans.

Sweet Filthy Boy by  Christina Lauren

Mia is a new college grad and on her way to Vegas to celebrate with her two best friends.  She is struggling with a demanding father and a horrific accident that stole her dreams.  Enter Ansel, the sweet Parisienne.  After a hot drunken night, Ansel and Mia find themselves married.  He requests that she go to Paris for the summer and stay married.  Can these two lovers make a life after one drunken night.  Do you believe in love at first sight.  This book will make you laugh and cry.  I found myself cheering them on all the way.  This is a sweet and sexy read.

Lead by Kylie Scott

I love Stage Dive and Lead may be my favorite of the series.  Jimmy has demons..alcohol, his mom.  If he doesn't clean up his act Stage Dive may not survive.  Lena is hired to keep Jimmy on the right path and Jimmy doesn't want the help. Lena has image issues and before long Jimmy is loving Lenas image.  Let the fun begin.  Kylie Scott has written awesome characters into an awesome seriies.  This book and series is worth diving into...head first!!

Breathe Me In by Kristen Proby

This is Mark and Meredith s story from the With Me In Seattle Series.  The pair were high school sweethearts with dreams of a happily ever after.  After suffering a devastating loss Meredith decides to leave and pursue her dancing dreams.  She returns years later and finds the spark is still there. With Mark.  Can they pick up where they left off or has too much time passed?  This book is so sweet and the love is passionate and almost extreme.  I have enjoyed reading the entire series and this book is as wonderful as all the others.  I highly recommend these books.

Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers Series) by Shayla Black

I love this wickedly dirty series.  Shayla Black can write erotica.  Mitchell is a bdsm club owner.  Callie works in the club under the watchful eye of Mitchell.  Sean is a dom who has his heart set on Callie.  However? Callie s past just caught up to her and she is on the run.  Mitchell and Sean have to get to her before the bad guys get her.  This book is full of mystery, drama and very hot menage.  Another must read from Shayla Black.

Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

Rusty Nailed is the continuing story from The Wallbanger.  Simon and Caroline are one of the best couples that I have ever read.  They are funny, passionate and wonderfully dysfunctional at times.  If you loved Wallbanger then you will definitely want to read this book as well.  Follow the couple as they decide to take "the next step" in their relationship.  This book is wonderfully delightful.  Alice Clayton gives good book!!

London Falling by Audrey Carlan

Hot, smoking, and Collier is all mine.  Another must read from Audrey Carlan.  Take the journey with Collier and London as they discover one another.  Audrey writes these characters with so much color and life that I truly expect them to just walk through my front door.  Don't miss the chance to fall for this couple.

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