Thanksgiving Thoughts from Heather

Catcher in the Rye

Welcome to November 2014!  I am not quite sure where the year has gone.  In August when I decided to start the blog, it was really for two reasons: (1) so I could keep up with the books that had touched me in some way, (2) so I could help the authors by sharing their words, in hopes others would be touched in some way like I was. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would “virtually meet” so many wonderful authors, bloggers and readers!  I also did not think that they would read the blog, follow White Hot Reads on Facebook or interact like they do!  I find myself trying to find things to post that will keep everyone interested! 

When I received my first Kindle for Christmas a couple years ago, I was a bit apprehensive.  I loved to read and always carried a book with me… EVERYWHERE!  Once I moved to NY and I began traveling even more for work, I found myself packing the front part of my suitcase full of books.  What would I do now?  It was just another electronic device.  Would I love it? Would I miss the smell, the feel, the texture of a real book?

What I did not realize, is that the Kindle would open so many doors for me.  I was determined to read something different than what I had always read.  So I started purchasing “free” books.  This allowed me to find new authors I might like.  I started finding more and more authors that had self published or had very little assistance publishing but had written great stories. 

Within a couple years (read 2 years) I had read almost 500 books and was having a hard time keeping up with all of my favorites!  What was a girl to do?  During this time I joined a couple of reader groups, Author Street Teams and more through Facebook which not only allowed me to learn more about the authors, whose works I was reading, but to interact with them also!  I also learned all about reviews and how they help the authors!  So I started writing reviews.  Now, they were not good and mostly a line or 2 with 4 or 5 stars but they were there. 

Then there were a couple of books that I just loved!  Whether it was a line, or the whole book, or where it was set, the characters… Whatever it was, it stayed with me in some way!  Those were the books I wanted to share with others! 



Hence a brainstorming session with my Angel sisters and White Hot Reads was born!  For a couple of months it was just me, floundering through, doing the best I could while moving cross country and trying to figure it out!  When a very wise friend said to me: Why did you start the blog?  Don’t make it work!  I decided, there were no rules, just mine and I would keep doing what I was doing! 

I recently had to of my Angel sisters join the blog to help me!  Most of you who know me, know it isn’t often that I ask for help.  It was time!  In order to bring the best content and do the best I can do, I needed some help!  These ladies have been wonderful and I did not realize how much better the blog could be with just a bit of help and organization!

Thanks  to my Angel sisters!  Audrey - thanks for always listening and the sound advice!  BESOS!!  Lindsay, Anita & Alex thanks for becoming part of the WHR team!!  Without your support White Hot Reads would not be what it is now!  

So as Thanksgiving is upon us, I wanted to take a few moments to really say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me, the page and interacts - whether, sharing, liking, commenting or tagging!  I love to read the comments and find new authors, books and treasures through you guys!! I truly love reading and this has just become an extremely fun extension of reading for me!

Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving 2014!