Book Review: Sinful Desires (Vol. I-V) by M.S. Parker



Sinful Desires I


Why in the world had I agreed to go home for my five-year reunion when I hated pretty much all of my classmates? Right, because I was an idiot. I should've known better.

When Las Vegas exotic dancer, Piper Black, goes back to Philadelphia for her reunion, she knows it's not going to be an enjoyable experience, and she's right...until she ends up sleeping with her high school crush. What she doesn't know is that Reed Stirling has a secret that ruins everything.

Can he make things right? And even if he does, will Piper be able to forgive him?


Sinful Desires II


I wasn't entirely sure why I'd accepted Brock's invitation to be his date for his sister's wedding. A wedding to a man who'd confessed that he didn't love his wife-to-be. All I knew was that I didn't belong in that world.

When Piper Black returned to Philadelphia to attend the wedding of the man who'd broken her heart, she never imagined that she'd end up falling for her date...who just happened to be Reed Stirling's new brother-in-law.

Will Brock Michaels be able to heal Piper's heart or will her connection to Reed tear apart more than one relationship?


Sinful Desires III


I was shocked when Brock asked me to move back to Philadelphia and even more so when he'd declared that he'd choose me over his family. Reed, the man I'd thought had honor had turned out to be a bastard, but the guy who everyone said was bad news was starting to look a lot like a white knight.

Back in Las Vegas and trying to decide what to do about Brock Michaels' offer, Piper Black finds herself torn between the man she cares for and the reputation he supposedly has. She tells herself that he's changing for her, but she isn't sure if that means she wants to move for him.

Is Brock really who he seems to be, or is he just one more man who will break Piper's heart?


Sinful Desires IV


How could I have been so stupid? Anastascia had told me that Brock was bad news but I'd never dreamed what he was capable of. First Reed, then Brock. Was my taste in men really that awful?

When Piper Black finds out the truth about her first encounter with her boyfriend Brock Michaels, she's devastated, but things only get worse when a familiar face shows up at the wrong moment.  With her life in shambles, Piper is given the opportunity for a new start... back in Philadelphia.

Will her luck change if she moves back? And what will it mean being in the same city as the one man who's never left her mind?



Sinful Desires V


What was wrong with me? When Reed showed up at my house and said that his marriage was over, I should've been thrilled. So why was I thinking that maybe he wasn't what I wanted after all?

When handsome and rich Reed Stirling says he's giving up everything to be with Piper, she knows that this should be everything she's ever wanted. But something is holding her back, and she's pretty sure it isn't just her justifiable trust issues with men.

Former Vegas stripper Piper Black is torn between what she's always thought she wanted and something new that she'll have to fight for. Will she be able to figure out what her heart truly wants, or will she lose everything?

White Hot Reads Review

I am going to put it out there early... If you don't normally read "novella's" take a chance on this series!  It is really amazing!  What woman doesn't long for love?  Piper Black is no different!  Growing up, she was the "poor" girl at an elite school, so after moving to Las Vegas to reach her dreams of becoming a dancer didn't turn out quite like she expected, the last thing she wanted to do was return to a reunion.  But she took a chance.  That chance lead her to her high school crush...

... to hot, steamy, wild sex with her crush!  As Piper returns to Las Vegas, her life turns upside down.  Her crush is getting married.  His best friend hired her to be a stripper at his bachelor party, she gets drugged, falls for the best friend, and moves to back to Philly!

All of this to say:  The sex is steamy, the tension can be cut with a knife and any woman who has ever dreamed of the "one night" with the guy from the past, will wish she is Piper for that ONE NIGHT!  I found myself saying...

Damn, I need to try that or do that or Wow, that sounds amazing!!

White Hot Reads gives Sinful Desires a 5 on the HOT scale.  Sinful Desires is WHITE HOT!!


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