99 pennies Sale Blitz: Nighttides Anthology (Ten Sexy Novellas)



Ten sexy summer stories to turn up the heat from some of the hottest new voices and best selling authors! Nighttides tells the stories of lost loves, new loves, passion rekindled, and sparks of lust that light a new a path.

Who needs the cabana boy when these 10 sizzling summer stories will melt your panties off...

Featuring Novellas by:
Lisa Suzanne, M.C. Cerny, Laura Dunaway
Lia Fairchild, Amalie Silver, Nickie Nalley Seidler
Taryn Plendl, Katherine Rhodes, Phalla S. Rios
Brittainy C. Cherry
 Release Date: August 5, 2014
If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne
A broken heart... a sexy stranger... one big wish.
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One Summer by M.C. Cerny
It was just supposed to be One Summer, and now, it might be something more.
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Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway
When Liv Porter saw the Help Wanted sign for work as a summer nanny, she jumped at the chance. Little did she know when Nick Walters opened the door, her life would change instantly.
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High Maintenance by Lia Fairchild
Lexy and Tate spar over the latest maintenance issues, generating more heat than the recording breaking temperatures that have invaded their city.
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Big Balls by Amalie Silver
Jacky is used to calling the shots on her team... until a new umpire steps on the field.
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Just Him by Nickie Nalley Seidler
Even after all these years, it's always been, Just Him.
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An Unexpected Journey
by Taryn Plendl
Two friends. A confession of love. A misunderstanding. A life-altering secret. An unexpected journey to a second chance at love.


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Captain by Katherine Rhodes
When Glenda booked her first class vacation, she never expected to be upgraded...
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Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios

A perfect summer was what Ellie thought she was going to have... then she ran into Marcus.

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Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry

When an adventurous Beau moves in the apartment above the library, shy book-lover Katie is forced to break out of her shell before the summer ends and she's off to college.

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