Book Review: What She Lost and Found by M. L. Garcia

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What She Lost and Found by M.L. Garcia


When you are faced with challenges, what matters most is how you choose to deal with them. That determines your fate...Her life seemed perfect... Her best friend since childhood, was like a sister to her. Wherever she'd go, her best friend Christina, was usually nearby. It should have been a wonderful beginning into adulthood during her freshman year of college. Unfortunately, two horrible nights would shake her world to the core. Innocence would be stolen, lives would be shattered and a young life is lost. Nothing would ever be the same again for Daniela.

Daniela Franco stopped trusting others after a horrible ordeal she experienced, at the hands of people within her own hometown. With a past that relentlessly continues to control her life, she decides to protect herself by never allowing anyone to get close enough to destroy her world again.

For the past few years, focusing on work and school, staying away from the wild-college parties and keeping a tiny circle of friends, has kept her safe. But life has a way of changing things.

Her secrets from the past begin to slowly resurface, threatening to rock her world again in the dark and destructive ways it had years earlier. Can Daniela face the demons from her past, when they are determined to finish what was started? Will the people she has begun opening up to, be able to survive her secrets as well as their own?

With new friendships, chances to build trust again, the possibility of finding love and experiencing intimacy the way it is meant to be, changes are certain.

Daniela must try to live with what she lost and with what will soon be found...

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Review by White Hot Reads
What She Lost and Found by M.L. Garcia is a novel about survival and young love.  When Daniela Franco goes to college she never dreams that one night can really change her life.  Then, it changes again and she thinks she will never recover.  That is until she meets Nathan Villetti.  Daniela works hard at school, has a few close friends and a job.  But she isn't ready to let anyone into her personal space, especially Nathan.  But he keeps showing up...
What She Lost and Found touches on the difficult subject of rape and learning to trust and love afterwards.  The author touched on some really valid points and made the reader feel like they were part of the story.  As the reader, I pray I never have to experience this, but I can feel Daniela's anguish and fear of letting new people into her life.  Letting Nathan in and beginning to love him and allowing him to love her, is the ultimate survival.
White Hot Reads gives What She Lost and Found a 1 on the Hot Scale.
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