Book Review by Lindsay Lou: Upside Down (Off the Map) by Lia Riley

Upside-Down-LiaRiley - Lindsey Review  

Upside Down is the first book in the Off the Map series by Lia Riley.

Lia Riley did an amazing job from the very first page of capturing my attention. This book centers around Talia, a girl who has OCD whose world further turned upside after her sister's death. She decides to go to Australia for a break and meets Bran. Bran has his own set of issues but can't seem to stay away Talia. Talia and Bran have an amazing chemistry and seem to see through each other's facade. There are parts of the book that had me laughing, crying and other parts that had me swooning. One of my favorite quotes from the book - "You’re my perfectly imperfect key". I absolutely loved this story and would recommend others to pick this one up!! I'm looking forward to reading the next book!!

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