Book Review: Blissful Tragedy by Amy L. Gale


Hasn't every girl dreamed of falling in love with a "bad boy?"  I know, I have!  A rocker would do just the trick!  Now, close your eyes and picture Jared Leto (circa January 2010)!  HOT, HOT, HOT, right??  

Now, Blissful Tragedy by Amy L. Gale is a love story between a rock star and the girl who is ready to take the world by storm!  Lexie Waters has just graduated from college and dreams of nothing but working for an advertising firm.  She has accepted the most amazing job and starts at the end of the summer.  To celebrate her graduation, her sister takes her to see Devil's Garden her favorite band... back stage passes and all! Van Sinclair is the uber hot, sexy lead singer of Devil's Garden.  But when Lexie insults Van, everything changes.  Can Lexie have the man of her dreams and the job she has worked so hard for?  

Enjoy your time with Van, Lexie and all the other guys in the band!  This book is full of sexy, sassy, dreamers and innocence all rolled into one!  ~ Share & Enjoy ~ 

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