Who & What is White Hot Reads?


We are...
A website about living, loving, reading & writing (books) and more!
It's not formal or planned but just is. 

Did you know that White Hot Reads was the brainchild of Heather after joining the Indie Author world when she was given her first Kindle for Christmas in 2011. In 2012, she wanted a way to help authors, spread the word and also chat about things that make her happy. White Hot Reads was born!

Fast forward five years later and a couple of website changes, a huge foray into the world of self publishing, the addition of Elizabeth, Lana, Misty and Tasha helping to review and run the WHR World - books became even more of her life. But one thing was missing... a platform to share her thoughts on life, love and more. So she decided to take White Hot Reads to a completely different place. 

Welcome to White Hot Reads, version 3.0.
As in life, we'll constantly be changing and growing! 
• • • 

My name is Heather.  You can call me Heather, HaHa, Nanny, Goddess or whatever you like, as long as you call me.  Let me say, I love life. That is extremely important because there was a point in my life when I didn’t.  My days were full of just getting by.  Then one day I woke up.  And the journey has been amazing ever sense.

So who is Heather?  She’s a tall, blonde with an ever changing affinity for so many things.

• • • 

Books.  Cooking.  Music.  Friends.  Family.  Love.  Fall.  Upstate NY. Apples.

Football. Learning new things.  Peep Toe High Heels.  Red.  Pink.

Lipstick.  Coffee.  Love Stories.  Writing. Dating.  Babies. Running.
Texas.  Living Life.
and more…

• • • 

When I started this blog it was going to be strictly about books. But let’s be real for a minute, my life though consumed by my love of books, is so much more that that.

So I decided I’d share it all in one place.

Welcome to White Hot Reads!!

~ Heather #trustthejourney 

White Hot Reads Reviewers

Meet Heather's fellow book-worms! 


I am Elizabeth, Beth to my friends. I live in Charleston, SC. If I have met you I love you, automatically. I have the best friends in the world and a full life.

I dove into writing for Heather when I expressed interest in starting my own blog. I am glad I did not, cause I love Heather to pieces and have enjoyed our fun together.  There are special places in my heart for my book friends and author friends. I have enjoyed meeting authors and other bloggers and bookies like myself. My dream is to continue blogging and to provide PA services to upcoming and established authors full-time.

My husband Ron and son CJ are amazing and support my need for reading and sharing my opinions of books. My husband thinks I am the best, sexiest and naughtiest lady in the world. I love this life. #betruetowhoyouare #loveisthegoldenrule

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Hi all! My name is Misty and I am a makeup loving, Netflix binging, book obsessed single mom to an active little boy who keeps her busier than honey bees trying to keep their queen happy. I joined WHR in early 2017 and it’s been a quite a ride ever since!! I’ve been friends with Heather for about 3 years now and I was super excited when she asked me to join her band of women who love books as much as I do. I have forged forever friendships with my blogger girls and authors alike. Discovered new authors and even genres of books I never thought I would like. This book world is my favorite place to escape.

When not at one of many sporting events or reading books I enjoy spending time with friends, practicing my makeup skills, writing the occasional blog post and enjoying a good drink now and then. Movies are my jam too. The movie theatre is one of my favorite places to go either with my son or alone and if you haven’t enjoyed a movie alone then you are missing out!


Lana is a five inch high heel wearing, cupcake extraordinaire, who devours books in one sitting. That’s only after working eight to five, running carpool and taking care of the dog, cats and bunnies that her husband swears are amazing pets.  

After attempting Super Mom status she loves being an Aunt to a fabulous little girl, amazing wife, spending time with her girl friends and planning trips around the world to visit places unknown with Heather, leaving the kids and her husband to make mischief on their own.


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About me, I'm a slow reader. I love to enjoy the words and allow them to caress me and spin me into a new world. Those worlds have been my escape since childhood. Growing up I had a fascination for all things fantasy. The whimsical, magical and unreal world used to take my mind away and I would live in the world for as long as I could.
Then I read my first romance book, smut and all, when I was 17 and I have been hooked on romance ever since!
I'm fascinated with real couples love story and usually ask that upon meeting new couples. I have yet to hear the same story twice!
I have no children, and I'm not romantically engaged to a man, yet, but I have two dogs that I adore and take on adventures.
Often, I'm found reading a few books at a time, usually one in each subgenre of romance. This could be why I read so slow, but I love it and yes, I can keep track of each of the story lines. That's easy
Blogging is a new adventure for me, thus we will see where it takes me. I'm excited to hear from you and talk about all things book!